Did you know some everyday household products can cause permanent damage if ingested? Others can cause allergic reactions such as asthma and eczema. Many people have experienced unpleasant reactions such as headaches, light headedness, sneezing & watering eyes. Others have reported the potential of long term damage from cleaning products such as fertility issues.

As parents we are always striving for optimal health and wellbeing. We want the best for our family, but we seem to be constantly juggling time, convenience, value for money and healthy choices etc.
In our busy lifestyle it is a challenge to take care of all areas – we are all doing the best we can.
So sometimes we can overlook or not even be aware of the effects that our household products can have on our family’s health.

We often search for answers and remedies to manage these symptoms & reactions without realizing the direct cause – when the answer could be as simple as removing the cause.

So how do we identify the cause? We are constantly bombarded with information overload – we are told – Parabens, SLS, Palm Oil – are bad. Not to mention, Phosphates and Zeolites. But what are they bad for? the environment? Us? Both? And Why? The problem is most of us are not Chemists – nor do we want to be – we just want safe products that work – right?
What if what we are being told is being collapsed with marketing hype? What if the companies that want to give us the real answers are lost amongst the “noise”?

To truly understand, we need to take a step back – just for a moment – to basic chemistry and look at how ingredients interact with each other. Some ingredients, that are considered safe can combine to create a dangerous toxic product, whereas others combine to create a much safer product.
So is it possible then to combine ingredients to create a safer product, effective at its intended cleaning job?
Just like Mother Nature knows how to balance the chemical compounds of which all living things are made, emulating those harmonies could be considered the art of ‘Gentle Chemistry’.

So, where to now?
We still live in a modern world and need essential products and services.
How do we safely wash our clothes? The dishes? Wipe down the kitchen table or highchair? Clean the toilet and shower?
All whilst still being time efficient, getting value for money and effective cleaning results.

After all they don’t clean themselves and we don’t have time to muck around with mediocre and unsafe products.

Luckily, we also live in a day and age of choices and often the “seek and ye shall find” saying proves true.

The good news is quality products that help us take care of our health, environment and budget do exist & can be found ?.

Vicki Williams
Vicki has been a consultant for Tri Nature for over 28 years and is passionate about helping people discover the joys of Tri Nature – from child and eco safety to an uplifting cleaning experience like no other. She is also passionate about re-education and sharing the message that Tri Nature’s Chemist, Brian McLean brings regarding Gentle Chemistry and Marketing Myth-information.