1. After hearing that others only wash their hair once a week – and me thinking they were quite frankly mad – I have now joined them!

I discovered the advantages of washing my hair once a week – but I just went 2 weeks – and still thought I could go longer – but thought it best to wash dust & dirt out that I’m sure had accumulated.

The first week tried not washing it, my hair looked like I had dipped my head in a bucket of oil – but it settled down over the next few weeks and now I find it is softer and pretty much knot free.

I remember watching Bewitched and seeing her sit in front of the mirror brushing her hair – and somewhere I heard they used to say it is good to brush it 99 times lol I get it now as it distributes out natural oils !

So when I do wash my hair I only wash once (not rinse and repeat) as I now like keeping some natural oils in – I really only wash to get rid of any dirt that might have accumulated.

And needless to say I am using way less shampoo – and able to use our 2in1 Shampoo which smells divine – aromatherapy as I shower !! In the past I had to use conditioner after using the 2in1 – but now because I just do a light clean and leave natural oils in they act as the conditioner.

2. Well having saved on the shampoo, I am using more of our Handwash – quite happily – because I am almost ashamed to say – I have finally learned the joys of lathering !! (yes I’ll thank our government for that one lol)

Not only is it a lovely tactile experience, lathering for long enough releases the beautiful aromas of our Hand Wash – and our body washes while showering too! I already loved the fragrances of them all – but I had no idea how much more I could enjoy it until recently !!

I am already happy to report that my hands have remained soft and moisturised despite the increase in hand washing and hand sanitising. We have always had a hand sanitiser – or “sani” as I like to call it – but I hardly used it. Having never used other hand sanitisers I didn’t realise the advantages to ours.

After now trying a couple of other hand sanitisers – on occasion in a shop, I can say that I don’t experience that sticky feeling with ours that I do with others – and the lovely hint of peppermint in our hand “sani” is a bonus too.

In fact, that’s one of the things I love most about all our products is the fragrance – the “aromatherapy” as I clean.

But the smell alone would not keep me loyal to the brand – it has to be the safest and the best – and for 30 years, through raising 4 children and a Tradie hubby, this has been – and continues to be true for me! 😊