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What Makes Our Products Unique?

We are 100% Australian Owned & Manufactured

We are immensely proud to be a 100% Australian company leading the world by example. Sadly, this is a fact which seems to be rapidly disappearing from the market today.

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We are the Market Leaders in Natural Technologies

Our Research & Development Team can sometimes be a little anti-social, dedicated to scouring the planet for scientific research on the latest and greatest in Natural Extracts to make sure our products always remain at the forefront in terms of performance and integrity. In all of our products, you will find an outstanding mix of natural extracts to provide your family with the combination of superior performance and gentle results that others just can’t replicate. Over 20 years of research and manufacturing expertise from our dedicated team has cemented Tri Nature’s position as the market leaders in natural technologies.

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No Compromise

At Tri Nature, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on product performance when looking for a natural alternative. Our vast experience in this industry ensures that when you use a Tri Nature product, you are using the very best in all aspects of performance and responsibility.

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Manufactured On-Site

Our on-site manufacturing facilities enable us to stand behind the products that you receive with confidence. From formulation to despatch, we strictly control and monitor the quality and content of our products, guaranteeing the integrity of the product that you receive every time.

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Premium Quality, Gentle Ingredients

We are a stubborn bunch when it comes to our Company Philosophy and Integrity. This means that we put nothing less than premium quality ingredients into your Tri Nature products, regardless of cost. We firmly believe that we could never put a cost on the health and safety of our families and our environment.

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No Animal By-Products or Testing

The only animals we test our products on are ourselves! At Tri Nature, we respect the rights of all animals great and small. When you use a Tri Nature product, you can rest assured that it contains no animal by-products. We support the “Choose Cruelty Free” Organisation, and are accredited on their Preferred Products List.

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Interested In Joining Tri Nature?

SafeClean&Crafty’s creator Vicki Williams, also known as Visionary Vicki, provides many people, like you, the opportunity to join her and generate your own income.

She loves welcoming people into her organisation who share her vision and passion for the Tri Nature lifestyle.

She’ll help you establish your income stream. You choose the hours you want to work to suit your family and lifestyle commitments.

To find out how you can start generating your own income, please contact her for more information!

Here’s a bit more info to get the ball rolling –

For more info on becoming a consultant contact or PM at SafeClean&Crafty on Facebook or DM at safecleanandcraftywaystothrive on Instagram 🙂

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Which Tri Nature Product Will Improve Your World?

Discover the range of Tri Nature household cleaning, personal care products and more – here

AND for more info. on Two Natural Ladies – visit us on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

20 Reasons Why Tri Nature Products Are Superior

  • 100% Australian Owned Company
  • Developed and manufactured in Australia
  • Highly active concentrates
  • Extensive use of natural and renewable vegetable resources
  • No caustic, chlorine, harsh acids, alkalies or formaldehyde
  • No phosphates or nitrates
  • No petrochemical solvents, fi llers or extenders
  • No animal products used or animal testing
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Out performs all other products
  • Low toxicity levels
  • More environmentally responsible than other products

  • Low sudsing (necessary to keep waterways clear)
  • More economical to consumers
  • Extremely effi cient in use
  • Safer for the user and for the environment
  • Safe for sensitive skin types
  • Safe for use in septic tanks, waste water and grey water management systems
  • Recyclable containers
  • Tri Nature’s products are supported by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

* Please see our ‘Returns/Refunds Policy’ for further details.

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Thank you for your interest in Tri Nature products

The “Tri” in Tri Nature stands for Ecology, Environment and People in Harmony.

Tri Nature is a company of the highest integrity when it comes to producing products that are not only safe for our environment, but also safe for the health of our families and us.

Tri Nature’s biochemist, Brian McLean, has been heading the research and development team at Tri Nature since 1979. The initial range of products was launched on to the market in 1989 after 10 years and 16 million dollars in research and development.

Brian ensures that all the ingredients and combinations of ingredients work together to create the lowest possible toxicity for flora and fauna alike yet produce powerful results for the intended cleaning job. Tri Nature calls this very special blend of nature and chemistry “GENTLE CHEMISTRY”.

Because the ingredients chosen, such as organically grown herbs, are often not the cheapest, Tri Nature can appear more expensive. However, because no useless fillers or other bulking agents are used, less of the product is needed to produce spectacular results. In almost all cases, we find the monthly/annual budget is significantly less for retail customers of Tri Nature. Members purchasing at wholesale prices, save even more again.

Please feel free to ask how to become a wholesale buying member of Tri Nature if you are interested in bulk buying and/or introducing it to others.

I look forward to discussing your interest in Tri Nature products soon,

Vicki Williams
Phone: 0433 326 554

Become a Consultant

Every day, thousands of Australian’s enjoy using Tri Natures range of Eco friendly cleaning and personal care products. Each product is manufactured to be safe for you, your children and the environment.

With over 25 years experience in Tri Nature, we can show you how the range of home cleaning and personal care products can improve your finances as you show others how Tri Nature can improve the health of their households and our environment.

For more info on becoming a consultant contact or PM at SafeClean&Crafty on Facebook or DM at safecleanandcraftywaystothrive on Instagram 🙂

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