The easy way to ensure you are on a great deal for your essential services – which include power, gas, phone and security is here!
It’s easy. All you need to do is click on the service of your choice below, and we’ll see if you are on the best plan for your needs!

Our service is free – and we will let you know if we cannot offer you a better price or service at this time – and leave the door open for you to ask us to review future bills as things change. 

Who else do you know that would also like to ensure they are on a great plan?
By helping your family and friends see if they are on the best plan for their needs, you could also save more on your own bills – let us know if you would like to know more about how this unique and rewarding system works. 

Raving Fan Testimonial – Shamus shares about his Free Bills Health check results !

Also a Rave about Shamus whos business Intelligen Technology Solutions provides a high value highly efficient low cost Virus Protection
With online fraud up dramatically we all need all the protection we can get!
To get in touch with Shamus look up his website or get in touch with us to connect you 🙂

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Time for a new mobile handset, tablet, mobile broadband device or SIM only plan? Are you on the best plan for your existing mobile phone? Are you getting enough data each month? The easy way to check, is to click the button below and we’ll help sort it all for you.

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Every day we hear of horror power bill stories. We’ve helped hundreds of people reduce their skyrocketing power bills. Can we help you save your residential or business power bills? Speak with us today.

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When it comes to your home and/or business security, you’re in safe hands. We can help save on your security hardware, monitoring service or on automation security solutions.

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Merchant Service

How much is each credit card payment costing you? By speaking with us, we could help reduce your merchant fees, including credit card, EFTPOS, E-commerce and mobile payments

We can also help provide you with the latest wireless terminal.

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NBN, ADSL? Unlimited data or capped data? Whichever provider you’re receiving your internet services from, we can review what you’re paying and see if you can save. Our fast, under five minute service includes any phone bundles you may also have.

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Landline, mobile or business bundle? Need more data? A new phone? Want to be sure you’re on the best call rates? It’s easy..

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