What’s At Play?

Starting conversations by reintroducing adults in business to the power of

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At What’s at Play LEGO® is used as a communication tool.

  • It’s different & insightful

  • It engages and surprises everyone (especially those deeming themselves non creative types)

  • Everyone is a contribution & is acknowledged

  • It’s loads of fun

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Unique perspective

We all have a unique life experience, perspective & mode of communication

What’s hidden

I assert Play is missing in communication for Grown ups.
In fact there is much missing from our communication.
For some of us it has been a real journey of self development & self discovery to amend that.
It can seem like work that’s never done – complete.
I have crafted Discovery Sessions for individuals & teams to explore play & explore themselves without the pressure experienced with such endeavours from coaches – facilitators – councillors.
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You will discover what your ready to. For most that look it is a healing experience to recognise self in a new light.
For teams this is uniquely powerful – and whole new paradigms of communication in the workplace open up… this has proven to lead
to more effectiveness and a warmer culture at work.
What’s at Play is built on a foundation of life experience, personal development, an enquiry into play as therapy for grown ups, and the discovery of The LEGO® Serious Play Method.
It’s the most fun & engaging way to quickly connect, uncover barriers & explore what’s possible.

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