Info Sheet (71 Kb)
An exceptional brake dust and road grime remover containing natural citrus oil solvents, ideal for wheel cleaning and removal of road grime from motor vehicles.

• Highly efficient and environmentally responsible.
• Water soluble and non flammable – contains no petroleum solvents.
• Non pollutant – contains no acids or caustic – readily breaks down in effluent systems.
• Versatile – removes water soluble road grime and oil based residues in one operation.
• Heavy duty – quickly penetrates and loosens oil, grease and brake dust – soil hose off.
• IMPORTANT NOTE – Wheel Wash will not etch or stain polished alloy wheels.A concentrate blend of natural based materials designed to provide exceptional performance and outstanding economy.


Dilute I part with 2 parts water – 150mL in a 500mL spray bottle and fill with water. Spray over tyres and wheels. Allow a short dwell time or lightly agitate where necessary then hose off.