Essential Oil Profile (139 Kb)

Clary Sage
Salvia sclarea – A female’s friend

Therapeutic actions

Anti-convulsive, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, deodorant, digestive, sedative, stimulant, uterine tonic.

  • Enhances: Calmness, relaxation, vitality, sexuality, euphoria.
  • Reduces: Tension, depression, mental fatigue, migraine, respiratory problems, irregular menstruation.
  • Respiratory system: Asthma, coughs.
  • Reproductive/Endocrine: Scanty/painful periods, endometriosis, menopause.
  • Mental-Emotional: Depression.
  • Skin: Excessive oiliness.
Methods for use
  • Massage: Use up to 25 drops of Clary Sage or a blend of complementary oils in 50mL of massage oil.
  • Aromatic Bath: Add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to a full bath and agitate to disperse. For better dispersion and extra skin softening effects 25 drops of essential oil or a blend of oils can be mixed into 50mL of base oil. Use 10mL of this oil each bath.
  • Vaporiser: Place 8 to10 drops of essential oil onto the top of your Tri Nature vaporiser dish. If candle vaporisers are used, the oil should be added to water in the vaporiser pan.
Parts used

Flowering tops and foliage.

Method of extraction

Steam distillation.

Safety precautions

Do not use during pregnancy.
May be helpful during labour.
Do not use in conjunction with alcohol as it can exaggerate effects of alcohol and narcotics. View Product Brief for further information.