Bathroom Sparkle Pack

$52.00 +GST

Save money as you save the environment – feel great with lovely uplifting fragrances – save time with our powerful effective yet Gentle Chemistry  –


Info Sheet – Optimate Floor Cleaner (133 Kb)
Info Sheet – Excel Bathroom Cleaner (102 Kb)
Info Sheet – Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant (144 Kb)
Info Sheet – Hyaline Glass and Window (153 Kb)
Info Sheet – Room Sprays (124 Kb)

If you have never tried our award-winning eco responsible products, now is the time!

Pack includes:

1 x Optimate Floor Cleaner, 500ml

1 x Excel Bathroom Cleaner, 500ml

1 x Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant, Express 500ml

1 x Hyaline Window & Glass Cleaner, Express 500ml

1 x Room Spray – Japanese Quince, 250ml

Please see attached information sheets for product information & ingredients.


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