Essential Oil Profile (139 Kb)

Citrus limonum – Keep your sunny side up

Therapeutic actions

Antidepressant, antimicrobial, antirheumatic, antiseptic, diuretic, hypotensive, rubefacient, soothing, circulatory tonic.

  • Enhances: Alertness, awareness, calmness, focus, happiness, motivation.
  • Reduces: Stress, depression, colds, infectious diseases, mental fatigue, confusion, high blood pressure, respiratory problems.
Methods for use
  • Massage: Use no more than 10 drops in 50mL of massage oil base. Complementary oils may be added up to a total of 25 drops.
  • Aromatic Bath: Add 5-10 drops in water, agitate to disperse.
  • Vaporiser: Use 8-10 drops in vaporiser dish.
  • Uses
    • Immune system: Chronic fatigue syndrome.
    • Respiratory system: Colds, flu.
    • Nervous system: Nervous exhaustion.
    • Cardiovascular system: Poor circulation.
    • Skin: Oily skin.
    • Lymphatic system: Cellulite.
    Parts used

    Outer peel layer.

    Method of extraction

    Cold expression.

    Safety precautions

    Phot-sensitising – may be sensitising to some people. Increases the burning effect of the sun and UV light. Avoid use in massage or bath prior to sun or solarium exposure. May cause irritation – do not use on the skin in concentrations of more than 1%.