Info Sheet (321 Kb)

Supre Multi Purpose Cleaner – Eucalyptus

A gentle, yet powerful naturally derived cleaning solution for wiping away greasy contaminations quickly and easily.

Ideal for use on a variety of sound hard surfaces such as tiles, bench tops, laminate, painted surfaces and outdoor areas.

Offers superior cleaning performance without the harsh odours or toxic residues of ordinary household cleaners.
Ideal for a wide range of greasy and difficult cleaning jobs.
Fragranced with 100% essential oils Eucalyptus.

Health & Environmental Considerations
Suitable for use in grey water and septic systems.
Made from 100% plant based materials.
Packaged in recyclable plastic.

ATTENTION; Express Range bottles are not designed for refilling. These bottles are fully recyclable and any attempt to refill them may compromise the stability of the bottle.
Tri Nature will take NO responsibility for any consequences that arise from customers refilling these bottles, and all product guarantees will become void.