Tri Nature’s Plant-Based, Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser Spray. A great choice for your hands, health and the environment. Compact and convenient for on-the-go use.
A gentle, alcohol-free antibacterial hand sanitiser spray designed to kill bacteria accumulated from everyday tasks.

Kills 99.9% of germs.
No washing or towelling required – dries in seconds – perfect for hands on the move.
Restores moisture and softness to your hands.
Leaves hands cool, refreshed, moisturised, clean and germ-free.
Alcohol-free, non-flammable, safe around children and pets.
Infused with the benefits of pure Australian peppermint essential oil, leaves a light, fresh and uplifting aroma.
Gentle Spray Formula – This alcohol-free hand sanitiser is suitable for all skin types.
Perfect for the whole family.
Many uses: Use before eating, serving customers, preparing or handling food. Use after toilet use, changing baby, handling animals, handling money, food preparation.
Ideal for outdoor use or when proper conveniences are unavailable.
A remarkable solution for many commercial applications – Food handling and preparation, Manufacturing, Retailers handling produce and money, Gaming and Hospitality Industry, Tradespeople.


Discover the secret to pure and healthy skin with Tri Nature’s remarkable range of naturally derived body products. An ideal choice for all skin types and those with sensitive skin.

✔ Vegan friendly
✔ Family Friendly
✔ Animal Cruelty-Free
✔ 100% Australian Made & Owned – Manufactured on-site in Newcastle, NSW.
✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! We trust you will love our products 100%.
✔ All Tri Nature ingredients are sourced with a great deal of care and consideration of ethics, safety and sustainability.

Ingredients –
Water, Glycerine, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Benzalkonium Chloride