Essential Oil Profile (139 Kb)

Citrus Bergamia

Therapeutic actions

Analgesic, antidepressant, aperitif, cicatrisant, digestive, febrifuge, nervine, restorative

  • Enhances: Balance, calmness, relaxation, positive attitude, motivation, strength, fulfillment
  • Reduces: Anxiety, depression, grief, listlessness, loneliness, mental fatigue, sadness, tension
  • Nervous system: Depression
  • Integumentary system: Acne, cold sores, insect bites, wounds
  • Skin: Excessive oiliness, dermal inflammation
  • Digestive system: Eating disorders, flatulence, agitation/anxiety
Methods for use
  • Massage: Use no more than 10 drops of Bergamot in 50mL of massage oil base. Complementary oils may be added up to a total of 25 drops.
  • Aromatic Bath
  • Vaporiser
Parts used

Fresh peel of unripe fruit.

Method of extraction

Cold pressing.

Safety precautions
  • Photo-toxic and increases the burning effect of the sun. Avoid use (in massage or bath) prior to sun or solarium exposure.
  • Do not use on skin in concentrations higher than 1%.

Southern Italy, Calabrian region.