Thank you for your interest in Tri Nature products.

The “Tri” in Tri Nature stands for Ecology, Environment and People in Harmony.

Tri Nature is a company of the highest integrity when it comes to producing products that are not only safe for our environment, but also safe for the health of our families and us.

Tri Nature’s biochemist, Brian McLean, has been heading the research and development team at Tri Nature since 1979. The initial range of products was launched on to the market in 1989 after 10 years and millions of dollars in research and development.

Brian ensures that all the ingredients and combinations of ingredients work together to create the lowest possible toxicity for flora and fauna alike yet produce powerful results for the intended cleaning job. Tri Nature calls this very special blend of nature and chemistry “GENTLE CHEMISTRY”.

Because the ingredients chosen, such as organically grown herbs, are often not the cheapest, Tri Nature can appear more expensive. However, because no useless fillers or other bulking agents are used, less of the product is needed to produce spectacular results. In almost all cases, we find the monthly/annual budget is significantly less for retail customers of Tri Nature. Members purchasing at wholesale prices, save even more again.

Please feel free to ask how to become a wholesale buying member of Tri Nature if you are interested in bulk buying and/or introducing it to others.

I look forward to discussing your interest in Tri Nature products soon,


Vicki Williams

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