A couple of things I’ve learned in lockdown 😊

1. After hearing that others only wash their hair once a week – and me thinking they were quite frankly mad – I have now joined them! I discovered the advantages of washing my hair once a week – but I just went 2 weeks – and still thought I could go longer – but [...]

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Why Ingredients Don’t Matter – as much as you might think!!

Did you know some everyday household products can cause permanent damage if ingested? Others can cause allergic reactions such as asthma and eczema. Many people have experienced unpleasant reactions such as headaches, light headedness, sneezing & watering eyes. Others have reported the potential of long term damage from cleaning products such as fertility issues. As [...]

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Marketing ‘Mythinformation’

A case study of corporate ethics in a murky marketplace BY TRACEY FREINBERGER Tracey, General Manager of Tri Nature Pty Ltd, was a guest speaker at the Natural Health Society's June 2008 Seminar and this article is based on her talk at that event. A key marketing challenge in the ever-growing ‘green [...]

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Tales from the Lab – The Philosophy of Gentle Chemistry

The Philosophy of “Gentle Chemistry” a review of why we established Tri Nature and what sets us apart from the mainstream By Brian McLean, Tri Nature Director and research chemist It is timely to review our history: many newer distributors, customers and members are only aware of today’s Tri Nature [...]

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Gentle Chemistry intro letter

Thank you for your interest in Tri Nature products. The “Tri” in Tri Nature stands for Ecology, Environment and People in Harmony. Tri Nature is a company of the highest integrity when it comes to producing products that are not only safe for our environment, but also safe for the health of our families and [...]

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A day in the life of a Tri Nature devotee

A quiet day at home – and I often forget how Tri Nature is always present in my day – weaving in around my daily activities. Why do I use Tri Nature? Because I can – for me, it’s a no brainer – if I can use products that are gentle on my family and [...]

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Tri Nature – THE COMPANY

Since 1989, Tri Nature has been committed to providing generations of Australian families with a responsible household alternative. Responsible for our family's lifestyle, our environment, and our future. Market Leaders in Natural Technologies Our Research & Development Team can sometimes be a little anti-social, dedicated to scouring the planet for scientific research on the [...]

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No Compromise At Tri Nature, we believe that you shouldn't have to compromise on product performance when looking for a natural alternative. Our vast experience in this industry ensures that when you use a Tri Nature product, you are using the very best in all aspects of performance and responsibility. Manufactured On-Site Our on-site [...]

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