A quiet day at home – and I often forget how Tri Nature is always present in my day – weaving in around my daily activities.

Why do I use Tri Nature?

Because I can – for me, it’s a no brainer – if I can use products that are gentle on my family and our environment, and that work just as well or better than harsher products, why wouldn’t I?

Today I –
  • Showered – using Tri Nature shampoo. Conditioner, body wash, face cleanser

  • Washed my hands (about 20 times so far due to sickies in the house and wanting to keep down cross contamination) – using Tri Nature hand wash / or Tri Nature dishwashing liquid – depending on what room I was in

  • Washed cups with Tri Nature dishwashing liquid

  • Put Tri Nature essential oils (tea tree and peppermint and lavender) into diffusers in bedrooms with sick children.

  • Pre Washed & Rinsed – a blanket and cushion cover (that were on the floor of my daughter room so of course the cat decided it was a great place to pee!!) using Tri Nature pre wash soak

  • Washed said blanket and cushion cover – using Tri Nature (Award Winning) Laundry Powder – Ocean Fresh Fragrance

  • Sprayed floor and computer satchel with Tri Nature disinfectant

  • Sprayed toilet seat with Tri Nature disinfectant – lemon myrtle scent – (and wiped with a small amount of toilet paper) – to disinfect toilet before using – again to reduce cross contamination

  • I am in the process of loading the dishwasher and later today will add Tri Nature dishwashing powder and run it.

It feels great to use Tri Nature products – they smell great, work well and I know they are not harming myself, my family or our environment.

And what I love just as much as using Tri Nature products is sharing the love & distributing the products into other people’s homes ?


Vicki Williams —
mum to 4 who are now teens and young adults

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