A couple of things I’ve learned in lockdown 😊

1. After hearing that others only wash their hair once a week – and me thinking they were quite frankly mad – I have now joined them! I discovered the advantages of washing my hair once a week – but I just went 2 weeks – and still thought I could go longer – but [...]

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Marketing ‘Mythinformation’

A case study of corporate ethics in a murky marketplace BY TRACEY FREINBERGER Tracey, General Manager of Tri Nature Pty Ltd, was a guest speaker at the Natural Health Society's June 2008 Seminar and this article is based on her talk at that event. A key marketing challenge in the ever-growing ‘green [...]

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Tales from the Lab – The Philosophy of Gentle Chemistry

The Philosophy of “Gentle Chemistry” a review of why we established Tri Nature and what sets us apart from the mainstream By Brian McLean, Tri Nature Director and research chemist It is timely to review our history: many newer distributors, customers and members are only aware of today’s Tri Nature [...]

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Gentle Chemistry intro letter

Thank you for your interest in Tri Nature products. The “Tri” in Tri Nature stands for Ecology, Environment and People in Harmony. Tri Nature is a company of the highest integrity when it comes to producing products that are not only safe for our environment, but also safe for the health of our families and [...]

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