26 Jul 2011
Caulfield Glen Eira Leader
Clean well, reduce enviro impact

FAMILIES spoilt for choice when it comes to cleaning products can take heart that there are less harsh, safe and effective alternatives that do the job just as well if not better.

Vicki Williams with some Tri Nature products.
Locally made products by Tri Nature range from soaps and shampoos to kitchen, laundry and home cleaners and personal care items. Local distributor/manager Vicki Williams said the company was 100 per cent Aussie-owned and operated.

It launched its range of environmentally responsible cleaning products in 1989 after 10 years and spending millions in research and development.

”We have something for everyone who showers, washes dishes or washes their clothes,” Ms Williams said.

”The range includes products for dishwashing, clothes washing, disinfectant and multi-purpose spray cleaner, shampoos, liquid soaps, bubble baths and shower gels, skincare and aromatherapy.”

Ms Williams, who has been a distributor since 1990, said it enabled her to earn an income, meet wonderful people and promote amazing products that ticked all the boxes for economy, effectiveness and safety.

They contain no animal byproducts. Tri Nature offers a money-back guarantee and Ms Williams offers a free product for all orders over $50, as well as reduced fees for deliveries in the local area. Opportunities also exist for those who are keen to be distributors of Tri Nature products. For more details, phone Ms Williams on 9568 5569 or 0433 326 554.