Connecting people through networking

Thank you for being a valued customer of SafeClean&Crafty – and we love to find ways we can value add to you too!
One of the reasons SafeClean&Crafty moved to be an appointment only Showroom is so we can keep up with and make more networking opportunities that we have been introduced to since opening in Glen Huntly Rd in 2012.

We have built relationships with many businesses in many and varied industries. If you are looking for a recommendation to goods or services that SafeClean&Crafty don’t provide, I may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.

Also, if you have a business that you would like to promote, give me a call and we can discuss if some of the networking groups I am involved with would be of value to you and I will organise an introduction.

Some professionals and industries I have contacts include – Graphic Design, Printing, Marketing, Business and life coaching, Real Estate Agent, Buyers Advocate, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planning, Interior Design, Carpentry, Tradie referral service, Solicitor, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Professional Organiser, Registered Training Organisation – Shiatsu and Massage, Skin care & Make-up, Insurance, Video production, Apple product trainer (ie iPhone/iPad), Personal Trainer, Gentle Osteopath, Architect, Picture Framer, Everyday essential services (gas, electricity, mobile phone, home phone & broadband services), Linked In trainer, Business Services – and the list goes on…

Please just ask if you are looking for an introduction to a profession, industry or service and if I can’t help you directly I may be able to find who can J

Vicki Williams

0433 326 554